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filters. >> the washington area is a deep freeze. it has a dangerous downside. >> i cannot feel my hands. >> how are you keeping warm? >> there is a baby in there somewhere. the temperatures are causing water main breaks. some good news out of it all. we reported last night that her home had no heat. still waiting for washington gas to show up. >> an hour after the broadcast, a technician came out. >> now it is testy once again. >> i reached out to channel 7 and you were there for me. >> we are back live. this is what you are going to run into. these are big chunks of ice here. it can be very tricky of re. the wind is definitely picking up. if it has not frozen by now it will tonight. >> maryland schools are on a two hour delay. how longwell these bitterold temperatures stick around? >> for some time to come. we will get some moderation in the week. it cannot call it warmer. if there is any good news " -- [unintelligible] galt enough of a breeze to make it feel like 21. -- cold enough of a breeze to make it really 21. wind chills into the 17 or 18 degree range. the gusty winds are back t
rock creek en washington.. el conductor de 22 años, identificado como joshua kulman de arlington, perdio la vida pocas horas despues de ser rescatado de las congelantes aguas.. ocurrio alrededor de las 10 y 20 de la manana de ayer sobre el rock creek parkway al sur de la calle p.. si usted tiene alguna informacion, contacte a la policia de 000000000000000000 persona ingreso a una recepcion de gala en la casa blanca sin tener invitacion.. habria participado en la misma fiesta en honor del primer ministro de la india donde una pareja aparecio en la recepcion sin haber sido incluida en la lista de invitados...hoy a las once tendremos 000ma000 000000000000 en el salvador causa alarma el alto numero de ninos desaparecidos una persona perdio la vida hoy durante un ataque a una corte federal en las vegas, nevada.. . poco despues de las 8 de la manana, unos 20 disparos estallaron y resonaron en el vestibulo del edificio federal lloyd d. george.. durante el suceso, un guardia de seguridad perdio la vida y otro resulto herido.. el agresor, tambien murio al otro lado de la calle,
. >>> excuse me for talking over you, coach zorn. good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning to the first monday of january, 2010. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we do have some school delays out there. >> garrett county will be opened and hours later today. in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson will be opening on a two-hour delay. >> is thi all because of the extreme cold? >> yes. there could be some light snow showers. maybe a disturbance. it is all about the chill this morning. 18 in germantown this morning but it this morningone. -- but it feels like one. through shenandoah, and page, sun will mix with the clouds. maybe a passing snow shower. highs today only in the low 30's. lisa baden, are you here? is the whole gang back? >> yay. it is placed on the roadway. -- esit is ice the roadway. nothing major report on the roadways. interstate travel looks good. good across the bridges. nothing complicated on the beltway. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> temperatures can be dangerous if you have to be outside. >> scored robins
to particularly intense screenings. tara mergener is this washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, these international travelers will be facing new scrutiny now. the tsa calls it a major step forward. starting came, all travelers who want to get into the u.s. will have to play by tough new security rules. but people flying from nations considered to be sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest will see the biggest changes. mandatory full body pat-downs, carry-out searches and body scans are part of the latest ways of enhanced procedures. at least 14 countries are on the list, nearly all are muslim. philadelphia residents alex and nica went through ramped up measures on their flight from belgium sunday but weren't impressed. >> they looked through my bag and they missed one bag, so sort of felt very artificial. >> reporter: the new guide lines come more than a week after a man allegedly tried to blow up a u.s.-bound plane on christmas day. airports around the world have been on alert ever since. another security breach just last night forced one. country's
>> bitterly cold temperatures leave washington in a deep freeze. some people are struggling to cope with the cold without heat or electricity. plus, terrorist threats from security changes at airports. important information travelers need to know. rescuers ramble, trying to get a man trapped in an overturned car in rock creek. the d.c. region is in a deep freeze tonight. the effects are being felt all over that area. thousands of people are without electricity tonight. some schools will open one hour late tomorrow. in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson, and morgan county schools are delayed by two hours. steve joins us with the very latest conditions. >> improving conditions in terms of the wind, especially around the immediate metro area. we are looking at wednesday at about 15 in d.c., ocean city 18 miles per hour winds. just a moment ago we talked about the school delays in garrett county and western maryland. there is a winter weather advisory until 6:00 in the evening tomorrow. they could pick up 4 to 5 inches of snow. there is a win -- when jill advisory for the panhandle area
with the washington redskins is over. zorn has been fired as head coach. the skins finished the season 4-12 after losing yesterday to the san diego chargers. they were just 12-20 during his two years as head coach. zorn was the sixth redskins head coach under dan snyder who bought the team in 1999. our own lindsay czarniak broke this story. >> she joins us on the phone now with the very latest. thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about when this happened and how it happened? >> as eun said that jim zorn has been let go, it happened early this morning upon the team's return from san diego. the team landed around 2:00 a.m. and i'm told zorn was packing up his things with team officials waiting for him there at redskins park. so, wha we know from being in san diego with the team last night is that they had scheduled an 11:00 a.m. player availability for this morning. they also have scheduled an 11:30 meeting that players assumed would be zorn's address of the team and then zorn himself was scheduled to have his availability, which he always does at 12:25, which i said is his normal time. it'
last game with the redskins. the team played the final game yesterday. highlights for washington include an 84-yard pass play down to the 4-yard line. redskins playing begins the chargers second and third string led in the third quarter, but billy bowl i can had a drive thenned in a touchdown with less than a minute left. they end with 4 and 12 record. crews are outside redskins park as the team arrived back from the west coast flight. brett haber joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. here is what we know at this hour. about 15 minutes ago around 4:45 this morning, jim ñson exited the building flanked by redskins security, got in his porsche and drove off the property for what we presume was the last time. sources reporting, close to the team reporting he was fired shortly after arriving back at redskins park around 2:30 this morning from the trip to san diego. the loss that you just chronicled to the chargers, and nor of turner who knows what it is like to be on the business end of a daniel snider firing. if true, it brings an end to the tenure marked by early su
involving guns at the verizon center. >>> it's a move washington redskins fans hope will restore the winning tradition in the nation's capital. good evening. i'm doreen genz ler. >> and i'm jim vance. the search for jim zorn's replacement is very much under way this evening. lindsay at dan out at the park now with more. >> reporter: i was told this morning that jim zorn was moving out. the redskins wasted no time. right away, mike shanahan boarded a plane. dan hellie, you were there at the airport when he touched down. >> yeah, he got into a car waiting for him. it was the car belonging to dan snider. not a bad ride. he's believed to be at snyder's potomac mansion right now. no deal as of right now has been signed. >> no. and sources say talks have been for several months. they're work oong deal that they hope with the denver bron koerks a five-year deal, worth about $7 million. if that happened, that would make him the highest paid coach in the nfl. the reason this is possible, because like jim vance said, jim zorn was fired early this morning. zorn acted like he still didn't know this was
. >> looking ate couple of interesting stats about jim zorn's time here, two years with the washington redskins, going 1-20 during those two years. he has tied with steve spurrier for thworst redskin coaching record. that was a minimum of two years. one other thing we want you guys to see, worst pots per game by a redskin coach, that also belongs to jim zorn. the next head coach to come in here with the redskins will be the seventh since dan snyder bought the team in 1999 so consistency has been a big issue here at redskins park. players are expected to be here around 11:00 a.m. hopefully, we'll get reaction from them and a press conference scheduled at 12:30. >> the only thing consistent is the inconsistency. >> that is pretty much it. >>> much more ahead on that big stopper toy. dave ross joins us live in about a half hour. >>> gilbert arenas set to meet with law enforcement officials today about allegedly bring a gun to verizon center. he asked in, quote, batted judgment for bringing guns to the locker room. he and a teammate reportedly drew the guns on each other in a argument over gamblin
as they cut back to redskin park at 1:30. this was one of the most tumultuous seasons in washington redskins football history. it was a situation that jim zorn and knew what was coming. the team lost to the detroit lions early in the season and it was downhill from there. sherman lewis was pulled out of retirement to call plays. the place had to be relayed to jason campbell. jim zorn was a lame-duck coach throughout the second half of the season. he handled the situation with class and dedication. he knew he was gone but despite the turmoil, he leaves as a popular coach among the players. >> he is a coach you wanted to play hard for. it will not be the same for him. i wish him luck. for the redskins, we are starting a new beginning. i appreciate that. he is a good guy. >> take a look at some numbers -- he started 6-2 with the washington redskins but has gone 6-18 cents, a 12-20 overall. there has been a new, -- news conference called for 12:30. they will talk about the firing of jim zorn and will probably talk of that a new head coach. i got off the fun with the former general manager. he wa
mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> there is a big chill for a big part of the nation this morning as millions of amerins try and shake off a deep winter freeze. whether it's blinding snow or bone-chilling cold, january is making its mark. nbc's fran kes kowe reports. >> reporter: this was virtually nil in grand rapids, michigan. locals battled the snow owe all sides from residents, city snowplows. >> busy since 4:30 this morning. >> reporter: lake-effect snow hammered south bend, indiana, with whiteout conditions that made driving tricky for drivers and pedestrians. >> it was slippery out here. i tell people to be cautious. >> reporter: meantime, philly's big chill forced many into a big bundle. in parts of new england, snow settled into a stubborn layer. >> i pushed the driveway with a broom the first time. now i'm just going over it again. you keep up with it, it's not so bad sfwlr in bad. >> reporter: in maine, eight inches had skiers flying high. >> it's a winter wonderland. >> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. >>> three teenagers were
. our correspondent in washington. >> i think they are coming closer. i think that is a genuine shift. there is a fear over how close they came in detroit to a real terrorist disaster, so i think there was support for this quite radical change in policy, and i do wonder if president bush was still in office, and if he had announced such a change, and if there would have been some outrage from the left. >> and president obama is just coming up to one year in office. >> yes, he has national security to deal with and all of the policy and the argument over that, but, mike, if you look at the economic news, there were good figures on manufacturing, but otherwise, if you look at the real estate market or jobs, people are living in fear of losing their jobs. >> and what about those key milestones coming up? >> well, we have two coming up. one is just in a couple of weeks' time, and then towards the end of january/beginning of feuary, you also have the state of the union speech. that is where you expect the president to declare that the state of the union is strong. what it will likely point
, everybody, happy new year, tamron. i'm live in washington. >> good to see you. i'm tamron hall live in new york. big picture at this hour, counter-terrorism officials have now added dozens of people onto that terror watch list and no-fly list after reviewing a massive government database of suspected terrorists. more than 500,000 names are currently in the database as nbc news first reported, the government checked thousands of names in the system after the christmas day bombing attempt aboard a detroit-bound northwest airlines jet. attempted bombing suspect umar abdulmutallab was in the data, but key point not on the no-fly list. >>> new rules went into effect for travelers flying to the united states from overseas. all passengers from or traveling through 14 countries considered high-risk are to receive full body patdowns and have their carry-on luggage opened and inspected. let's bring in tom costello. the new rules took into effect today. you were detailing how intense the security was, even yourself patted down head to toe. >> i was coming in from brussels, not on the list of countrie
>>> good morning. i'm tamron hall. president obama will land in washington to respond to the botched attack of a u.s. airliner as u.s. and british embassies in yemen remain closed for a second day. and airports across the globe, those traveling to the u.s. are facing heightened security and that now means patdowns and full body scans for anyone traveling from or through countries considered high risk. but closer to home a security breach is raising more questions about our nation's airport security. this happening at newark airport. this time an entire terminal is shut down. thousands of passengers forced to be rescreened and, get this, the unidentified man who set it off, well, that person is still missing. plus, an arctic blast puts a deep freeze on most of the nation as temperatures plunge to record lows from florida to the great plains. and developing right now the world's tallest building is officially open for business. we're bringing you live pictures from dubai where the grand inauguration is under way. and we have a lot of great shots including all the people
. and now facing multiple terror investigations back here in washington. so, what went wrong? who will be held accountable, if anyone? >>> and just moments ago, secretary of state hillary clinton with her first comments about the aborted christmas day airplane bombing and the threat in yemen. >> the situation in yemen is a top concern. how can we work together and with others to stabilize yemen, assist in securing its borders and providing for its people in combatting al qaeda. the instability in yemen is a threat to regional stability, and even global stability. >>> the fallout for air travelers. new rules, new delays. and a false alarm at newark international caused them grief overnight. >>> this hour homeland security and intelligence expert congresswoman jain harman, plus eleanor hill, the staff director from the 9/11 investigation. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams and nbc terrorism analyst michael sheehan and roger cressey. and counter terror chief john brennan takes on criticism from former vice president dick cheney. >> i'm very disappointed in the vice presiden
the young men from the washington d.c. area. the case sparked fears that westerners are traveling to pakistan to join militant groups. the men deny any ties to al qaeda saying they only came to pakistan to help their muslim brothers who are in trouble being victimized by western forces. >>> gun violences in a new problem in baltimore but police have a new approach to fight it. the city saw its first homicide of 2010 over the weekend. the shooting of an unidentified man. police commissioner fred billfeld says this year they're focusing on armed robberies calling it a gateway crime that leads to more violence. the robberies did drop in 2009. the commissioner says there's still lots of work to be done in the new year. >>> the johns hopkins community is grieving after a recent graduate dies in a icy creek. we have more on the sad accident in washington d.c. >> reporter: ky, 22 year old joshua coleman graduated from hopkins last year. he died in that crash. he was a soccer player for the universities varsity club and club teams. a jogger called police after spotting a tire sticking out
and online. thanks for being with us this morning. that will about do it for washed -- for "washington journal" this morning. we will be back at 7:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. have a great day. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] . . >> she received nearly 54% of the vote in a runoff last month. for live coverage of the inauguration, we will have it in half an hour. right now, a seminar on coalition building an issue campaigns. live coverage continues throughout the day. tonight, on the communicators, president of the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers. it is a nonprofit agency responsible for managing internet names and addresses. now available, c-span2 book, abraham lincoln. a great read for any history buff. it is a unique and contemporary perspective on lincoln. for lincoln's early years until his life in the white house and his relevance today. abraham lincoln, in hard cover at your favorite book seller. more and more at cspan.org. >> live coverage of the houston mayors inauguration's. up un
obama is on his way back to washington for a full agenda to begin his post-holiday week. >> topping it is terrorism, and we have several reports this morning, sonia gallego in london, but viviana hurtado with new security rules. >> designed to focus on those who pose the largest threat. >> reporter: at another sign at the nation's airports, travelers were delayed sunday evening for at least two hours at the airport after a man walked the wrong way in a security exit. >> the public just has no confidence anymore in the ability of government to provide a safe environment which avelers can fly. >> reporter: there will be extra screening for passengers with passports from or who have traveled from nations that the u.s. sees suspect such as yemen. the a additional screening also for those who fly from what the government decide are like tehran. >> i suspect they will broaden the definitions. >> reporter: but critics say these heightened security measures still won't detect the bomb materials such as sewn into the underwear of umar farouk abdulmutallab. the system failed but insists an ob
there may be more attempts to bomb airliners here. bbc news, washington. >> all of this, of course, amid growing concern about al qaeda's a pair links with yemen. -- apparently experian secretary of state hillary clinton -- >> the instability in yemen is a threat to global stability -- apparent links with yemen. trying to deal with the security concerns, and certainly, we know that this is a difficult set of challenges, but they have to be addressed. >> the secretary of state there in washington. the u.s. has lifted a 22-year ban preventing people with hiv or aids from entering the country. in have been in the 1980's. president obama says they are not compatible with becoming a leader in the fight against the disease -- it happened in the 1980's. russia has given georgia permission to resume air links. the first direct charter flights will start later this week. regular flights will follow soon before more talks between aviation authorities. the bbc has obtained evidence that a faulty computer software may have played a part in the crash of a chin up helicopter in scotland's where 29 peo
and yellow. >> let's have somebody break it down, man. >> hip, hip. >> that ray. >> washington fell into a 2-6 slide into the second half of that debut season. >> i just feel like the worst coach in america. >> reporter: the off season brought hope. 2009 began the way 2008 ended. >> we have high expectations and losing creates thoughts. >> reporter: the theory many believed is the second year of the five year contract would be his last, despite unwaivering support from his players. >> it is definitely not one person. >> after an embarrassing loss management no longer believed his ability to run the offense. stripping him of the duties and hiring lewis who went to calling the plays. some of the guys weren't sure who he was. >> he accepted the decision but he never liked it. >> if it is really the play calling i'm ready to try it. >> they gave him an endorsement for the remainder of the season. new general manager was noncommittal about zoran's long- term prospect. >> we will discuss the future. >> reporter: but he no longer had one here in washington. the first major decision became firing th
out the door by team staff and ening his 2 year 20 loss odyssey here in washington. red skin's owner daniel schneider issuing a statement reading in part quote no one in the organization is satisfied with our record over the last two years and i am sure that jim would concur with that statement. it has been painful for him, too. i certainly accept responsibility for mistakes that i have made. dan snyder making that confession today. gm bruce allen saying he didn't want to wait one more day to start fixing this franchise for next year and we will hear from him inside redskins park in about 25 minutes. >>> and players have supported publicly jim zorn throughout this entire 4-12 season but really none of them inside of the locker room were surprised that their coach had been fired. players started arriving at the facility just after 9:00 this morning. they are now left with the uncertainty of who will take over this team. and if they will fit into the future coach planes. bruce allen met with the team in a meeting that would last less than 10 minutes and the message was clear. change is
of the inconsistencies coming out of washington. >> jonathan hone ig? do you agree. >> the fallacy of the obama administration is government spending creates wealth and we know, i know you want to keep the momentum going. look where it has taken us. this week another $3.5 billion down the toilet to gmac. government spending, government run economy creates political boon doggles that create no weather and we need profit taking businessmen, from cash to clunkers and the other programs, all we've done is redistribute. >> and $2 trillion, created no profits to be made, in a recession, and the figure out of career builder, 20% of purchasing hires, want to hire workers, sounds impressive compared to last year. >> full-time. >> it was 54% a few years ago, and 20% -- is an improvement but a level that will not get the unemployment rate down significantly and until the economy improves we need a jobs bill and one proposed is a lot of garbage. but the idea of temporarily hiring people until the private sector thinks they can make profits by hiring people is required. i expect the obama will go into fdr m
. this weekend, though, the wind chills were 5 degrees to 10 degrees below zero. 25 the reading in washington, d.c. i-81, just a few flurries. the wind has eased up. so what can you expect this evening. once again it will be a cold night for us. we're talking about the possibility of snow coming up this week. >> you've got our attention. >> if you're outside for just a few minutes, you know it is bone chilling out there. news 4 megan's mcgraph spent the morning out in the bitter cold to see just how folks are coping. >> waiting and freezing at the bus stop. commuters who dressed in layers held their own. those who didn't were very cold. >> it's so cold. >> i have on a thermal, a fleece, another shirt. i have shorts on under these pants and the boots on. so it's no joke out here. >> reporter: factor in the wind chill and it felt like 10 degrees in some places. anything wet froze solid, including lanes of out of bounds branch avenue at best of your knowledge hill road. cars had to veer to the right to misa big patch of ice. >> maybe quarter of a mile. >> reporter: that sounds dangerous. >> it is.
of homeland security in washington. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, about 2,000 flights a day arrive in the u.s. from overseas. now the department of homeland security is requiring more intensive screening for many of the passengers who fly on them, including some americans. among the first of the world's airports to adopt the new rules were benazir bhutto international in pakistan and germany's largest airport in frankfurt. >> i'd rather have a little more time in my travels and a safe efficient ride than something like that happen. >> reporter: airlines that fly to the u.s. from overseas must now give full-body patdowns and physically inspect the luggage of all travelers from or traveling through countries considered high risk. 14 countries where terror groups are known to operate or draw support including nigeria where the accused christmas day bomb plotter is from. and other overseas passengers must be selected at random, including some returning americans for the same enhanced screening. >> we have provided now for 100% enhanced screening for people who have either traveled from
afternoon, all the way overnight, and now it's just 29 in washington. upper 20s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, and all around the region, just below freezing. it's right near the freezing mark right now at quantico. they're at 32. elsewhere, we're under 30 degrees. these are the windchills they're down in the teens to near 10 degrees in a few locations. windchill in washington, now 17. that's with a wind gust of 29 miles per hour. the winds have increased a little bit from earlier this morning. we've had gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. out of the mountains, temperatures only in the teens right now. their windchills are down to near zero. and the snow showers that we have seen crossing the appalachians and move into west virginia have begano reach parts of the shenandoah valley and the panhandle of west virginia, a few passing snow showers there. the rest of the day, partly sunny, maybe a flurry or passing snow shower. highs only reaching the freezing mark. and this cold weather is going to be around for the rest of the week and into next weekend. deta
lik 14e 15 in washington. more details in a minute. >> this weather is causing schools to operate on a two-hour delay. be sure to watch tomorrow when we have [unintelligible] and any word on other schools. >> it is official. jim zorn is out as coach. we have what fans think of the announcement. >> the fans are anxious to find out the latest of what is happening. nfl insiders tell me that the redskins have been negotiating for a while. there are reports that mike shanahan is in town. we know they did not waste any time. they fired jim zorn this morning. it was the wee hours. they left this building at 4:45 a.m. with escort. he met with the players and met with the media in an effort to change the direction of this once proud franchise. >> i just know that last place is not redskins football. >> that was the new general manager this afternoon. less than 12 hours after telling zorn that his run as coach is over. >> i just found out and that is a good thing. >> probably a good thing. i am sure the redskins will do better. >> zorn started six and two. but with this year's disappointing
to please come forward. the man whose car plunged into the icy waters of rock creek in washington, d.c., was a recent john hopkins driver. the car was almost submerged in the icy water. it took rescuers about 10 minutes because of the water froze and around it. joshua coleman was taken to hospital but died that afternoon. he graduated last year. >> lawyers for one of the suspects in the murder of a former baltimore city councilman say that key evidence needs to be tossed out our investigative reporter is live in the newsroom with details. >> there could be serious questions about the case. it involves the 2008 murder of ken harris. it was one of the city's most violent high-profile crimes. >> his suspect was linked to the murder through dna. his lawyers are arguing they improperly obtained the dna by stating under a it was for a different murder occurred before harris was killed. the lawyers argue that police had no probable cause to get his dna in the harris case. they used the old case as the hook and then compare the dna to the evidence in the harris case. the lawyers say it was e
attention, and i think that there is a growing movement in washington to pay more attention to this shadow class of government -- governing czars gereed >> host: why did you leave washington? [laughter] >> guest: because i could. i left about a year and a half ago, and i think it is -- it's a rare opportunity when you can make a choice to sort out jump off the treadmill. i've been in the beltway circuit for near in ten years and as i mentioned i have two young kids coming and i think it is an unhealthy environment in many ways to raise kids and particularly for me there are so many people who cannot separate their politics from their personal lives. to me life is much bigger than what's going on in job pages of "the washington post" or in the blogosphere and it's not an all consuming thing for me all the time. although you see me on line. i talked about it. i am engaged in the world of ideas and marketplace of ideas and battlefield. but when i am out with my kids i have and i have to grit my chief worrying about somebody coming up to me and yelling at me -- >> host: has that happened? >> g
. >>> a johns hopkins university graduate dies after the car plunges into a frozen creek near washington, d.c. a jogger called police after spotting a tire sticking out of rock creek. police say 22-year-old joshua coleman was trapped inside the car. he graduated from johns hopkins last year and investigators are now trying to piece together what happened. >> anything that we find on the scene as far as skid marks or broken tees and that type of thing is going to be part of the investigation. right now we have not determined where the vehicle came. >> it took several hours and three different tow trucks to pull the badly damaged car out of the ice. >>> maryland transit authority police are seek witnesses to the death of a pedestrian who was found dead along the northbound lanes of the harbor tunnel throughway. police have identified him as 23-year-old christian of baltimore city. they ask anyone with information on the death to give them a call. >>> as maryland's unemployment rate climbs, state leaders are set to begin debating salary increases. governor o'malley and general assembly will di
looks cold and windy. so you know outside right now it is a very frigid night here in washington. and all across virginia, maryland, up and down the african-american seaboard it's pretty much cold every where east of the rockies. temperatures for a high didn't even make the freezing mark. 28 in washington after a 16-degree start this morning, our coldest morning since the first week of march. currently, 24 and wind chill of 10 and peak wind gusts at 46 miles an hour both yesterday and today. exceptionally windy weather across the mid-atlantic and up and down the eastern seaboard and current temperatures are already on their way down to the low and mid 20s. single digit wind chills out there early this evening. those will still be out there first thing tomorrow morning so the weather service issued a wind chill advisory from the western suburbs to the shenandoah valley and off to the west of the west virginia panhandle and portions of western maryland and the wind chill values will be in the single digits above zero. snowfall? a little light snow, especially far northern maryland
call now or visit lifelock.com. ♪ jim zorn is out as head coach of the washington redskins. janet napolitano still in as head coach of homeland security. he lost some gains and lost his job. she could have lost a lot more and keeps hers. welcome, everybody on the old cavuto. happy new year. one is a game and the other increasingly looking like one as the white house continues to promise action on getting to the bottom of a systemic breakdown in security that almost brought down a plane on christmas day but that has yet to bring down any administration official right to this day even though former senator alphonse suggests a way we could do it. you have an idea. >> i certainly do. let me say this to you. number one, napolitano not just because of this incident and the breakdown but because after the breakdown place comes out, she rushes out to say well, the system worked. that demonstrates a total lack of understanding. that demonstrates i want to try to put out a political statement to cover it up as opposed to what the president said that this was a systemic failure and that is w
him in for introducing repress conference in washington as early as tomorrow. according to multiple sources, jim zorn is out, shanahan is on the way, and horrible stretch of football is hopefully on the way to an end. live at redskins park, back to you. >> and this is another story we are following later today. gilbert arenas will meet with federal and local investigators. they want to know more about the gun he brought to the locker room and more on what happened inside. he admits bringing it, but says there are misconceptions about a dispute between him and another teammate. he talked about what he expects to happen today. >> i got to put it in their hands, tell them the story. see what they say. >> what's the biggest misconception about this? >> the whole story. bad judgment, having the weapons here, but. >> the family said they will ensure guns are not brought in to verizon center again. >>> four soldiers killed in afghanistan. the explosion happened in the country's southern region. deaths are the first combat related deaths for service members in the new year. >>> five virgini
this morning face tough new security rules. 11 news reporter brook hart has the latest from washington. >> new screening rules were not a factor in a security scare last night in newark. after a man walked the wrong way through a check point and disappeared. hundreds of passengers had to be rescreened. flights were delayed hours. now as of midnight, new rules mean tighter security for all travelers bound for the u.s. more random screening, patdowns, bag searches and body scans. passengers from 14 named countries all deemed state sponsors of terror or countries of interest can expect such checks across the board. that includes yemen, the country where president obama said nigerian-born man was trained to carry out the christmas day bomb plot. >> al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him, equipped him with explosives, and directed him to attack that plane headed to america. >> now in custody, investigators are questioning the accused bomb -- bomber about al qaeda in yemen. >> there is advantage to talking to us in terms of plea agreements. we're going to pursue that. >> critics say the case
. >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the middle eastern nation of yemen is under the global microscope, following reports that the al-qaeda branch is seeking to become a major player in global terrorism. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports on how the u.s. is dealing with the increasingly dangerous situation. >> president obama and the first family arrived in the frigid nation's capital as the pursuit unfolded half a world away in yemen, as the government was criticized for lackluster terror attacks in the past, launched new attacks outside the capital. hillary clinton after meeting with the prime minister of you tar qatar called yemen a top concern. >> we see the ongoing efforts by al-qaeda in yemen to use it as a base for terrorist attacks far beyond the region. >> the u.s. embassy remained closed for a second day as to the british and french embassy. japan, germany and the czech republic sensing peril closed their embassy today. the al-qaeda threats to the embassy intensified recently. >> they are targeting our embassy and targeting our personnel. we're
of the washington redins and we'll take a look at jim zorn's record, how he stacks up with the other coaches under the dan snyder regime. let's go back you. >>> what a drama. we know you are on top of it. we have loaded up myfoxdc.com with more information on mike shanahan. look under hot topic. >>> tonight, we are following breaking news on the weapons investigation on the washington wizards. the guard released a statement apologizing for his lack of judgment. allegations he had handguns in the team's locker room. fox5 is here with the details. paul. > gilbert arenas met with prosecutors at the u.s. attorney's office, where he not only admitted having four guns, but admitted using them in a prank as well. in his statement, arenas says in part, i kept the four unloaded handguns in my house in virginia, but then moved them over to the locker to keep them away from my young kids. i brought them without any ammunition. mistakenly believing the recent change in the dc gun laws allowed a person to store unloaded guns in the district. on monday, december 21, i took the unloaded guns out in a misguided
. >> julie: more for the search for answers in washington. police say he was on the run for months. a man accused of murdering four family members on thanksgiving day, now behind bars. >> there's a weight lifted off our shoulders, obviously, boy making this apprehension, now i stand before you and have peace. >> ahead, what led them to the motel hide away and what the owners of the hotel are saying now. plus. >> there's no magic temperature that says you're going to get frostbite or not. >> julie: many states below freezing with some reaching sippi single digits. when will this cold snap finally break. first, we have breaking news, the transportation security administration announcing new rules for flights headed to the united states from at least half a dozen countries that are considered high risk for terrorism. enhanced screening measures set to take effect as of midnight tonight. more on that in just a moment, but it comes just over a week after the failed bombing on a detroit bound flight and now, the president's top anti-terror advisors saying there was, quote, no smoking gun that
has. but one of your critics, you will recognize his name, sebastian, "washington post" columnist. >> he's described you i believe as a conspiracy theorist, and what he says that these documents are emphasis on the corporatocracy, and he's essentially saying there is no grand scheme among corporations, government to kind of rule the world as you suggest. i know that national security agency has also come out with a kind of warning, essentially the same morning, do not read john perkins. but of course, all these warnings cause more people to redo and make make you more successful. can you talk about the resistance you've met in any way, and what you do to kind of me that resistance? >> yeah, you know, i guess the first half would be to go back a bit and say after it's not been an economic hitman i started to write "confessions" several times and i contacted other economic hitman and jackals and get their story. and i received threats, sir's threats. my daughter was born in 82. it was during that time, and at the same time i was offered a huge bribe, half a million dollars, by big e
," president obama's now back in washington amidst new fears about our counterterror system. >> terrorists are smart. they know where security is good, they know where security is lax. >>> plus, the fight started by dick cheney, the obama administration is hitting back hard. >> either the vice president is willfully mischaracterizing this president's position both in terms of language he uses and the actions he's taken, or he's ignorant of the facts. >>> the new effort in airports around the world. there will be additional screenings for passengers headed to the u.s. from muslim countries and cuba. meanwhile, the aclu argues against body scanners. >> i think their argument is absolute nonsense. we now have body scanners which show simply an outline of the body. >>> also, rush limbaugh's praising the medical treatment he received in hawaii, and is ignoring the fact his health came from union nurses and staff and a state system that some lawmakers call the most liberal in the country. >>> the deep freeze across much of the nation. when will the midwest and east coast finally see some relief?
made a surprise visit over the weekend. it comes as president obama is returning to washington right now from his hawaiian vacation. steps up focus on what he sees as an emerging threat. >> the investigation into the christmas day incident continues. and we're learning more about the suspect. we know he travelled to yemen. it appears that he joined an affiliated of al qaeda and that this group, al qaeda in the ararian peninsula, chatrained h and equipped him with explosives. i've made it a priority to building strengthen our partnership with the yes, ma'me government. >> a lot of politicizing of some events. we'll get to later. richard engel here with new information on the cia attack on afghanistan. >> yeah, i got a call, i guess it was friday. >> um-hum. >> from somebody in the cia that was very upset at the reporting. don't believe what you read in the newspaper about how some guy penetrated the barriers and rushed into a cia room and blew himself up. this was a nightmare, a double agent, what we've been afraid of for years, and you heard the same thing and this is new. >> actuall
. coming up next, we'll get to next. here is the inside of the "washington post" is corporate bernanke urges financial regulation to prevent crisis. neil r. when writing about the speak and we will show you some of mr. bunning to his comments on sunday. speaking at an annual meeting of the academic economists. bernanke laid out a case that interest-rate policy was at best a modest contributor for over inflation of home prices. one thing, there were home bubbles in many countries around the world, even many that were not as loose with a monetary policy. such countries as britain, new zealand and sweden had tighter monetary policy. yet their home prices rose more, and monetary policy explained only 5 percent of the variation in home prices in those country. to maryellen a. good morning on our republican line. welcome. >> caller: good morning. i would like to comment on the people, the politicians this morning, that we are fighting, like with republicans and democrats. and whether our citizen works off of our attitude. and the country has got a bad attitude that if we just change that, we
"washington journal" is next. . . host: we will show you some of the comments this morning. we will ask you about whether more regulation is needed to prevent financial excess. the numbers to call, for democrats, 202-737-0002. for republicans, 202-737-0001. for independents, 202-628-0205. make sure that you turn down your television or radio when you call in. if you have called in within the last 30 days, give others a chance to call this morning. you can also send us an e-mail or contact enforce those regulations on the books. off of the subject a little bit, i wish to those republicans would have their sons and granddaughters in the marine corps. host: marion, illinois. you are next. ben bernanke urges prevention of crisis. we will show you some of his comments from sunday when he spoke at an annual meeting for the academic economics annual meeting association. open-" policy -- "policy was at best for home prices. for one thing, there were many home price bubbles in many parts of the world. new zealand and sweden had tighter monetary policy, yet their home prices rose a more
news reporter nikole killion has more from washington. >> the new security rules apply to all u.s.-bound international flights, all passengers will be subject to random screening but some may face more scrutiny. beginning today the t.s.a. says passengers flying into the u.s. will face enhanced screening. the tougher measures targeted at those traveling from or through countries of interest and those that sponsor terrorism such as cuba, iran, sudan and syria. >> it's at airports across the globe where terrorists are trying to slip through the cracks and attack us. the terrorists are smart. they know where security is good. they know where security is lax. >> among the new procedures, travelers would be subject to full body scans, patdowns and searches of carry on bags. >> the notion that bad guys are going to hide bombs or whatever, easy to view, easy to see on their person, just isn't happening. they're going to put it in their private places. we've got to be smart enough to say that's where they're going to put it. we've got to look there. >> the extra screening an effort to pr
. >>> the final word goes to jim zorn, the outgoing coach of the washington redskins who was asked given everything he endured this season he thought he had been treated fairly. >> you got to understand, in my world, nothing has to be fair. you see what i mean? it's not up to me. it's not about fairness. i don't ever think about -- because i could whine about, you know, just whine about how uncomfortable everything is. that is not productive. >> reporter: jim zorn is scheduled to speak at a press conference tomorrow at 12:25. you have to wonder what's going to go on there because normally if a coach is fired he does not get a chance to speak at his normal press conference. that 12:25 press conference could turn into a bruce all press conference. stay tuned. lindsay murphy will be out at the park live, dave ross will be live in san diego and i'll be at the park on the fox 5 news at 5:00. have a great night. we'll see you for a jam packed monday tomorrow. >>> this has been geico sports xtra.
full custody. police in washington state say she took off with the little guys 4 and 5. now they are 15, 16. when dad found out the news they were alive and well and might have a chance to see them, here was his reaction. >> it was a voice message. i was listening to the voice message. it was the detective. i turned white as a ghost. i know i was shaking. >> i'll say. how was mom found? jill haugen was arrested at her home in pennsylvania. she contacted police saying she didn't want to take care of her sons anymore. you take them from dad 11 years ago now you are done with them. call in on this one 1-877-tell-hln. steve kardian, and stacy kaiser and todd from the police department. todd, how is this all uncovered that these two now young boys or young teens were taken 11 years ago? >> a lot of luck and a very alert and attentive youth caseworker. >> the youth caseworker, what detective work did they pull off to make this happen? >> we were called to their home -- officers were called to their home on the 26th as what came in as a family dispute. at that time officers arrived and learned
to the washington, d.c. area starting next year. it is searching for an appropriate location now maryland or in the virginia area around washington, d.c. northrup gruman got a new ceo on new years. he took over for ron sugar. and now the company says it will be moving its corporate headquarters to washington, d.c., where it spends much of its time already working with the defense department. a 30,000 northrup grumman employees work in california. most of them of course will stay here but bragging rights of vague corporate headquarters of a major company in los angeles leaving, one less here, mandy, one more for washington, d.c. back to you. >> okay, thanks very much for that breaking news there. jane wells. >>> it was a strong start of the year for stocks but can the upward momentum continue? joining us now, noah blackstein portfolio manager at dynamic funds. and managing partner at skybridge capital. gentlemen, thanks very much for your time. noah, what do you think? >> i think that it can continue. a lot is based on the earnings coming through, those earnings are based in the recovery i
's tom costello is live from washington, d.c., with more. there have been, tom, as you know, two main concerns about this. one is privacy, but the other is effectiveness. >> if you talk to the security experts, they believe that these full body scans are really the most effective piece of technology that we have right now or that exists to be able to deter any type of a terrorist attack. essentially, it sees underneath the clothing, and that's where you have the privacy issues. but to give you a sense of how widely used they are, 40 are now in use in the united states. the tsa is deploying another 150 or so in the first quarter of the year, or about the first few months of the year. and then it has the money for 300 more. there are two types of these full body imaging machines. one uses, essentially, radio waves that bounce radio waves off of you to create this image. and the other one literally uses very low doses, and we mean, very low doses of radiation. so right now, we have 40 of the these radiowave machines in use, 150 of the low-dose radiation waves on the way. but privacy is t
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